Welcome to Plan Investor

Plan Investor focus on assisting investors entering the Spanish property market and initiating projects in this market aiming to develop properties from start to exit. This include amongst other things identifying plots or properties, developing, execute and financing projects and sales and post sales activities.

We normally assist with:

Know-how to assist the investor in the property market: help identifying projects and properties, to build a platform for growth, operational tools, corporate governance frameworks, recruiting executives and implementation of best practices.

Network expansion: Plan investor possesses a network of relationships due to our history in Spain and Scandinavia and can assist in establishing relationships with potential partners. In early stage of a business we can assist in getting property project verified and link up with renowned partners on all levels.
The goal is to create the market breakthrough every project need.

Financial capabilities: we have a track-record in both corporate finance and M& A-activities all the way to taking companies public (IPO). We may assist in securing efficient funding in domestic and global markets from venture capital and investment banks.

Strategic planning: we assist the companies in building viable business plans through in-depth analysis and work-shops.

Creativity: through proactive board membership we help to foster creativity and enthusiasm in the companies we initiate or participate in. Our own slogan, “Making it happen” implies that we demand as much energy of ourselves as we do of the founders and executives of our partner companies.